Mateos Cocina Latina Receives Deserving Praise

The San Francisco Chronicle named it one of the Top 10 New Restaurants of 2011 and it was a deserving honor for Mateos Cocina Latina. At first glance this looks like a casual Healdsburg Mexican restaurant, but it offers so much more.

The menu at Mateos Cocina Latina is specifically inspired by the Yucatan roots of Chef Mateo Granadas. The food from this area takes on the Mayan culture as much as the Mexican, with a wider use of vegetables. In this case, Chef Granadas is using local Sonoma produce to bring his menu alive.

First up here is the Olive Oil Guacamole, an incredible blend served with pumpkin seed crackers. If you are looking for another appetizer, the Trio de Calabazas Fritas is a great mix of slow-cooked caramelized squash with raw milk feta, also served with the same delicious crackers. Or, try the Empanada, made with lamb and potato inside a corn tortilla turnover.

The Vegetable Tamale tasted as good as it looked, with more of a lighter feel than the traditional Mexican ones. It was served with a tomato-habanero sauce, a bit spicy, but almost having the feel of a marinara. It’s also topped with just a sprinkling of cheese. Tamales are also available in suckling pig and chicken.

Other menu choices include pork, lamb, fish and chicken tacos, and main dishes such as Bistec Yucateco, thin slow-cooked beef with potatoes, onions and fijol colado, served with sea salt tortillas.

You will definitely not go thirsty at Mateos Cocina Latino. The drink menu (referred to as the “Tequila Bar”) contains an assortment of bottled and tap beers and wines; cocktails (the Kiwi Pomegranate Margarita is fantastic); approximately 70 tequilas; and a selection of mezcal. You can also take out from the restaurant – the tamales, tortillas and sauces, not the tequila.


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