Madrona Manor Combines Fine Dining and Romance

It’s the romantic week of the year and it seems fitting to feature a Sonoma restaurant that provides Michelin Star quality food and cozy tables for two.

From the start, you will be treated like you came to this Victorian manor as a royal guest. The room is elegant and the service is first class. Executive Chef Jesse Mallgren forms a meal together as if it is a performance. The start and finish is the same, in one case churros and radishes, with an appropriate savory beginning to your meal and a sweeter ending.

You will find Madrona Manor serves a mixture of textures and flavors throughout its courses, even labeling them. A “Clean-Crisp” selection might include a refreshing Fuyu Persimmon, with pomegranates, squash, pumpkin seed, marscarpone and truffle. For “Soft-Delicate,” a Foie Gras Terrine with guava, ginger, cippolini onions, pistachios and brioche is magnificent.

The “Grain” course is always a tough one to choose from, offering one night a choice of Yukon Gold Potato Gnocchi with lobster, winter squash, lemon and parsley, while the other option was White Truffle Risotto (which has a $35 additional price tag), with abalone mushrooms and shaved fresh white Alba truffles.  When it comes to “Smooth,” you are looking at a fish course, but the “Meaty” can vary from beef to venison to duck.

The desserts are luscious concoctions of simple thoughts (a Peanut Butter & Chocolate Parfait that’s made with chocolate chip shortbread, toffee crunch and milk chocolate sorbet, for example). Whatever you choose from the “Sweet” menu, thought, be sure to also get a serving of the ice cream sundae. This treat is made tableside, using liquid nitrogen and topped with chocolate sauce, nuts and whipped cream (as desired).

It’s a positive to some who want to have room for everything, but be aware that most of the portions at Madrona Manor are tiny (some could need tweezers to get on the plate).  Keep that in mind when ordering and don’t be conservative when it comes to picking the number of courses.

Also remember that Madrona Manor even has an inn attached to the restaurant if you’d like to make it a full night of romance.


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