Continuing on the Wine Road

When I was first introduced to Sonoma in 2010 (yes, I really had never been there before then), I became immediately taken in by this wine region. As much as I love Napa, there was something a bit more casual about Sonoma and I felt drawn to it.

That fascination with this Northern California region has continued to grow and I have made numerous trips back. It certainly helps that I have family close by, but I could see myself frequently returning to (and maybe someday even living in) Sonoma.

Each visit to Sonoma introduces me to new wineries, places to stay and dining spots. I spent the last few months doing a weekly blog on the region for Inspirato and loved the idea of just focusing on one place each week. Though they have decided to continue the blogging in house, I have many more stories to tell and I have no desire to stop discovering Sonoma.

I made the decision to continue my weekly stories about restaurants, wineries, accommodations and events right here. I hope you will join me.


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